Welcome! We appreciate your interest in reselling our products. It will be a pleasure to tell you about our business and growth model. With your collaboration, we will succeed together in offering our brand through committed and constant marketers such as yourself.

Below, we explain our model in more detail:

We are a manufacturer of intimate clothing that offers our products through 3 sales channels:

  1. Our own retail locations in the city of Bogotá.
  2. Sales through our virtual store to end consumers.
  3. Wholesale customers, who must meet minimum purchase requirements and follow certain guidelines that our brand requires.

In order to be considered as a wholesale marketer of our brand it’s necessary to fill out the following online form. We will then proceed to evaluate the information received. After this we will communicate via email or telephone to start the business relationship.

Do you want to be a Brussi distributor in Colombia? Write to us!

International Reach

Our purpose is to enable the Colombian woman to reveal her own brightness and natural beauty. Today we want to extend this particular style internationally, as we know that fashion in our country is a milestone for the world. BRUSSI gives women access to fashion trends that enhance the beauty that each woman has in her essence.

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