About Us

BRUSSI since 1991

BRUSSI es una marca colombiana constituida hace 28 años que se enfoca en diseñar, producir y comercializar JEANS y BLUSAS pensados especialmente en destacar la silueta femenina. BRUSSI has clothes and styles for young and adult women, focusing its attention on those who try to look and feel good with everything they wear, revealing their style and accentuating their attributes with wide waistband pants for abdomen control, with fit and finishes that show off stylized legs and push-up jeans or “levanta cola” with and without pockets.

The Colombian woman stands out for her sensuality, strength and passion. BRUSSI recognizes this and is inspired by that woman who with a permanent drive and smile in any circumstance, manages to conquer hearts and move the world through love. These are the traits that BRUSSI wants to reward in each garment it creates, making this woman more beautiful on the outside.

BRUSSI bets that this woman never ceases to exist, on the contrary, the brand wants to evolve with her and make her feel safe with what she represents and what she cultivates inside. Being always well dressed, looking sensual, elegant, youthful and modern is the feminine profile that identifies the style of the brand.

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